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Think about tomorrow TODAY - A win-win-win situation!

Together with you, we would like to make our contribution through sustainable thinking and acting - so that our grandchildren can still travel in a beautiful world. We have already implemented the following in terms of sustainability:

With your support, we can change the room cleaning from daily to personal request!

In doing so, we can conserve resources through the energy consumption of the laundry and the truck journey, as well as water consumption, electricity consumption, etc.! Basically, you can still get daily room cleaning.

From three nights onwards your room will be cleaned automatically.

We experience heating on 5 and windows open again and again – It is in your hands and the climate thanks you!

We also gladly accept constructive suggestions, for the future, for EVERYONE.

WIN - You are doing something good for the community
WIN - Support to reduce rising costs and create price stability
WIN - The CLIMATE - our responsibility for future generations!!!