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Harbour Cruise

The harbor cruise with original barges “Hein Mück” and “Lady Sunhine” get you up close to the harbour life, with its huge ships, auto hubs, docks and shipyards. From April to October daily.

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Harbour Cruise with “HafenBus”

With the harbour bus tour you can take an exciting journey through the maritime part of Bremerhaven : the container terminal , car terminal and the Lloyd repair shipyard. Also it take you into private areas in the harbour.Here you will see the huge straddle .carrier in action

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Museum Train Bremerhaven-Bederkesa

Take a train ride like in the 50s! Pulled by a lovingly restored diesel locomotive with a type V36. You can start your journey with the museum train from the” Schaufenster Fischereihafen” and take a trip to the spa town of Bad Bederkesa.

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In “Wursten” learn all about life on the coast and behind the dikes.
Beach, mudflats, idyllic landscapes and historic buildings dominate the area around Bremerhaven. Fresh sea shrimps can be purchased directly on boats. Many Bremerhaveners spend the weekend in Wursten. Wursten has nothing to do with food production but rather with the presevation of the dikes and dwelling mound.
This mound has always been there to protect the coastal inhabitants from the elements of nature.

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Schaufenster Fischereihafen

Hustle and bustle is guaranteed. On the subject of “fish” you can find everything here:

Here you can visit the “Atlanticum” and visit the fish cooking studio. Here you will learn about preparation sea food and fish. “Live” the smoking experience in historical smoking ovens or just visit “TiF,” the theater in the fishing port of Fischereihafen .

Nowhere else in Germany you can enjoy fish fresh

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