Klimahaus 8° Ost

Come along for the journey …

A trip around the world from and to Bremerhaven, always along the 8th degree line of longitude.
Discover hautnah- the climate of our planet and get to know the people who live there!

In Klimahaus® dive into diverse knowledge and various experiences of the world. You will be amaze you with interior design, sensory stations, multimedia installations, strange animals and plants, and more and move.

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German Emigration Center “Deutsches Auswandererhaus”

Get a first-hand experience of what really happened:

More than 7 million people emigrated overseas 1830-1974 via Bremerhaven.

The German Emigration Center is located on the original point of departure .It is the largest museum of its kind.

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City theater Bremerhaven

The name says it all!

Current shows timetables are available from reception and can be sent to you on request.

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Historical museum Bremerhaven

Embark on a journey into the past!

Discover the first traces of settlement in the Elbe-Weser Triangle, you get to know the first German steam trawler, experience the time when Bremerhaven was the largest European port of emigration and visit a historic shipbuilding place.

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“Schifffahrtsmuseum” Bremerhaven or as known “German Ship Museum”

More than 500 ship models, several m Original size, countless dioramas and of course the rebuilt from “Origmalbestandteilen Bremer Hansekogge” from 1330 which illustrate the history of shipping in an impressive way. A must visit in Bremerhaven!

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“Zoo am Meer”- Zoo at the sea

The formerly smallest zoo in Germany was reopened in 2004 and upgrade with modern facilities and animal friendly atmosphere.

Not only are the locals thrilled!

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“Aeronauticum Nordholz” or as known “Aeronautic Nordholz”

20km north of Bremerhaven “Aeronauticum “the visit is worth it not only for flight enthusiasts. The large aircraft exhibition in the outdoor area of the former largest German airship field vividly presented the technique of Zeppelins.

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